Tina and Scott takes a suitcase to Varadero

Tina and Scott took a suitcase from NJT Manitoba to Varadero, Cuba! Way to go!

“We wanted to follow up with NJT after our recent trip to Varadero. We had the pleasure of connecting with Dr . Julio Carmenate at the medical clinic in our resort who also works as an ER physician at the SIUM hospital for the local people in Varadero.

Originally we tried to go to Cardenas to drop off our suitcase but was unable to connect with the medical director there . After speaking to Julio, we knew that supplies would be shared and in good hands .

Being a nurse who has worked in the ER in the past , it was scary to find out that the basic items that we take for granted in Canada such as IV needles , tape and ET Tubes are in scare supply in Cuba. The medical staff were very excited to see the ET tubes that I was able to deliver to them , especially the pediatric sizes.

It has been our privilege to be able to volunteer with NJT and for the past 3 years be able to deliver suitcases to Cuba, and it certainly won’t be our last ?Please keep up the great work and feel free to share our story .

Thank you,
Tina and Scott”

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