Tina and Scott takes a suitcase to Puerto Plata

NJT- Manitoba has a new story to share:

Here are some recent pics from our trip to Puerto Plata, DR. Thank you for the suitcase of supplies as they were well received . We visited with Dr Reginald Kerolle who runs a non profit organization called the Kerolle initiative . Dr Kerolle and his team visit 8 rural communities as well as a local school to provide free medical care and health care education. Myself and Scott were able to go a small community with him just outside of Sousa to do some hand washing teaching as well as drop off some school supplies and treats for the kids that we brought . He wanted to pass along a personal thank you as they work with donations only that they get from various donors . If there are other people travelling to Puerto Plata please don’t hesitate to contact me as can pass along his clinic info. Dr Kerolle summed things up nicely during one of our chats….. despite religion, wealth, race or colour….. if we take the initiative we can all make a difference . Thank you for again allowing us this opportunity to take a suit case again and for the great work that NJT does ❤️

Tina and Scott

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