Theresa van Fraasen delivers a suitcase to Roatan

Theresa van Fraasen, Honduras

It was my pleasure to deliver the two suitcases of medical supplies to Clinica Esperanza in Roatan, Honduras. The clinic was started by a very inspiring woman named Miss Peggy. It is bright and painted in cheerful colours. The waiting area was packed to capacity with young mothers and their children. Outside is a play area for the children as they wait.

What makes a seemingly normal scene so much sadder is the knowledge that many babies of these babies are born with HIV.

The clinic is in great need of assistance. I was so happy to help out in some small way. Taking medical supplies from NJT is an easy way to do it. There were absolutely no problems at all going through customs or having to pay additional baggage fees (I packed lightly Winking smile).

Probably the greatest adventure of my trip was making friends with a pig on the beach. The waitress at the restaurant where we ate adopted “Piggy” at one month old and he waits on the beach while she works. I noticed he was drinking sea water so brought him over a glass of water. He even crunched the ice cubes. He was also happy to get a taste of my lunch. Something you don’t see every day.

I will be sure to contact you to take down more supplies the next time I return to Roatan. Thank-you for the good work that you do.

Canadian Address: 214 Wright Ave (Roncesvalles), Toronto, Ontario

US Address: 3731 E. Casselle Ave, Orange, California
email: [email protected] Tel: +1(657) 348-4236