Tessa Barnes delivers a suitcase to Kenya

Tessa Barnes on her adventures in Kenya: “Hello hello and greetings from Bunyore, Kenya (Western Kenya near to the port city of Kisumu)! it is here that I have delivered my baby, suitcase #257. 
I have been back in Kenya since April 6th, living in N’gong, Kenya. As it is near Nairobi I have been waiting til I had the opportunity to travel more rural within Kenya to deliver the supplies. Since I have picked up the suitcase in Roncesvalles the suitcase has been on quite the adventure travelling by the ttc, a couple of cars, a couple of airplanes, taxi car, matatu (bus), distance bus, more matatus, a couple of motorbikes and carried by people.

The clinic is called Ebusiratsi Health Centre and I brought it here upon the recommendation of local friends of mine who suggested it would be of the most use here. Although it is a small clinic it serves many people in Bunyore and even when I arrived today there was a line up for care and we had to wait a while to see any of the health care professionals due to how you the clinic was. Everyone was very grateful for the donation and welcomed me to return. “

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