Tae takes a suitcase to Haiti

“Thank you for your kind support for our medical mission. We had a 25-people medical mission team organized by Milal church. All of us are safely back on Oct 25th.

We took care of about 500 patients over a week in Charrette clinic in St. Marc, Haiti. Your donated medical supplies were extremely helpful!! The clinic has a very nice building with several clinic rooms and pharmacy. There was a long line-up of the patients from 6am in the morning. Four nurses did the triage of the patients and sent them to the appropriate subspecialty with brief history and vital signs. I performed about 30-40 ultrasound exams per day along with a ultrasound technologist. Everyone in our team was a superstar!

We also ran a mobile clinic in a small town church near St. Marc. It was very hot and humid, but our team members were highly dedicated and working very hard. We couldn’t finish all the patients who visited to the mobile clinic, so we had to send a large bus to bring the patients back to the clinic the next day.

We found several patients who need a surgery or more exams such as CT or MRI. We are communicating with a Haitian doctor who is willing to arrange the next steps for the patients and my church will continue to support of these patients. In fact, we sent a pregnant woman with preeclampsia to a hospital in St. Marc urgently and she gave a birth without complications. We are very happy to hear that both mother and baby are healthy.

I am attaching a few photos that were taken during the mission.

Thank you very much again for your kind support.”


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