Rich takes a suitcase to Varadero

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share a story from one of our travellers, Rich, who took a suitcase with him to Varadero, Cuba. Thank you, Rich, for taking a suitcase with you on your trip! [NJT Waterloo]

I went to Varadero Cuba on a Jazz safari with JazzFM the Toronto radio station. There were 180 of us and we had Jazz performances from Canadian and Cuban musicians all week . Our hotel, Grand Memories Sanctuary was great. The Cuban people at the hotel and elsewhere were wonderful.
The plane trip with the suitcase was uneventful. I had all the documentation from NJT. Immigration in Cuba requires all travellers to fill out a form and I checked a box saying I had goods to declare. But when it came time to leave the airport the staff were not interested and just waved me through, so no trouble.
I found out from the staff at the hotel that there was a clinic for the people. They also gave me information on a church if the clinic didn’t work out. The people were very helpful, I would suggest talking to people to work out the best local clinic.
I took a taxi to Varadero. The Cuban driver had to ask for directions to the clinic. I attach the NJT form partially filled out listing the name and address of the clinic.
I also attached a picture of the clinic which was charming from outside but very basic inside with very old and tired equipment and furnishings.
I have no Spanish so the Spanish formwork from NJT was helpful. The administrator I met had some English and fairly quickly she understood my mission. A doctor soon joined us and you can see both of them in the picture.
I was happy to take the suitcase delivery on. With the formwork and coaching from NJT I was very comfortable with the challenge.
Should the opportunity arise to deliver another suitcase in another third world country I would be pleased to do this again. I have friends going to Guatemala soon so I am forwarding NJT information to them in hopes that they will take a suitcase.

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