Nicole and Melanie takes a suitcase to Addis Ababa

Greetings NJT team! 

Our names are Nicole and Melanie, we are nursing managers at a new start up hospital in Addis Ababa. In Canada we work as Emergancy RN’s. Our roles have been to facilitate education with national staff nurses and implement policy and procedures. Our center focuses on general out patient care, and surgical needs. In addition to running a small ER. Here is our website to read more.
Facebook: St. Mary Canadian Specialized Medical Center

In addition we volunteer at another NGO here in Addis Ababa. They are called Hope for Korah. They have a family sponsorship program that helps train adults and provides breakfast to all the children enrolled, and so much more. The area we have been involved with most is the community clinic that is run by a Health Officer and Nurse. They provide primary health care to all the families enrolled in the program. 
here is the website to read more:

This morning coming into work we found two large full suitcases! It was like christmas morning sorting through all the wonderful equipment. My favorite was seeing the mefix tape for dressings. Seeing medical supplies from back home in Canada. 

I have filled out the paper you have sent along, making a PDF for your records. In addition to a picture of Melanie and a local nurse opening the Suitcase! 

Big thanks from Addis Ababa, and the nursing staff at St Marys Canadian Surgical Center! 

Ahmahsayguhnahloh (thank you)

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