Martin Romano takes a suitcase to Philippines

“This was a very memorable trip for me and my family. After logging in 18 hours flight from #Toronto via Taipei, we finally reached the capital city of the Philippines, #Manila. The next day, we took another hour flight to the island of Catanduanes, followed by a 30 minute ride and we finally reached our destination, my hometown San Andres, Catanduanes. After 7 long years, we got to see our families again. We wanted to make this trip not only a memorable one, but also a meaningful one. I found your site which is a perfect opportunity for me. A few minutes away from our house is a small government run hospital which is just the right place to drop the suitcase off.

My father used to worked here as a doctor and I could still remember those days that he would come home and tell us that the medical supplies in the hospital is not enough and he would have to tell the patients to transfer to the bigger hospital. We met Dr. Santelices, the physician on duty that day and her staff and gave the supplies. They were very happy and grateful for it. They were even surprised that we were leaving the suitcase behind. It was such a great feeling to be able to contribute a little of what we have here. It is a humbling experience. Things we take for granted here could mean the world to some other countries. All we really did was carry the suitcase and for sure no doubt would do it again in a heartbeat.

Thank you to Not Just Tourists Toronto for this opportunity!”

– Martin Romano, Nephrology Researcher at UHN ( Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto General Hospital) and thanks too to EVA Airways!

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