Maggie takes a suitcase to Kenya

Our amazing volunteer Maggie took supplies and volunteered her time as a nurse in Kenya! Well done Maggie!

“In August 2017, the People’s Church sent a team of 22 individuals on a medical missions trip to Nairobi, Kenya. The clinic was located at the Mully’s Children Foundation and was outfitted with medical supplies donated by Not Just Tourists.

Our clinic was stocked with masks, gloves, syringes, IV kits, and other much needed medical equipment. With these medical supplies we were able to provide care for over 2600 people in just one week!

We were able to clean infected wounds, conduct physical examinations and start an IV to deliver fluids and antibiotics to a 5 day old infant who was suffering from sepsis.

I am truly grateful to everyone who contributed their time and efforts in making our trip a major success. Thank you Not Just for Tourists, we couldn’t have served so many people without your donations!”

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