Krista and David take a suitcase to Dominican Republic

Thank you to Krista and David for being more than a tourist on this trip to the Dominican Republic! [NJT Toronto]

“We had a great experience dropping off the supplies to the medical clinic once we established the time they were actually open. This took 3 attempts. Barrio Blanco is a small clinic that is only open a few hours per day and a few days per week. They were more than thrilled to accept the supplies and one of the volunteers stated that it was just like Christmas. They were beyond thankful!! They explained that they were low on most stock at the moment so this was perfect timing. Dr. Wally (sp?) travels to different clinic’s in the area and will spread the supplies among them.

I have told all of my friends and family about this service and hopefully more will do the same on future vacations.

Thank you so much!!!

Krista & David”

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