Guy Coolin takes a suitcase to Roatán

Thank you Guy Coolin for carrying a medical aid suitcase to Roatan, Honduras! 

“One of my oldest friends, 40 yrs, moved to Roatan 8 yrs ago. One day I was having serious runs and discomfort, drinking coconut water as a hydrating beverage had seriously caught up with me. I was stunned when I went to the clinic and saw the crowds on the front lawn, awaiting care. The heat , the children. I had the 25$ fee and Dr. pat looked after me. Was then I was inspired to help, (Blue Isla Travel)was born out of that. I made a significant effort to provide travellers, and a Canadian AAA artist for last Angels event. The finale was an artist, Jack de Keyzer. Really helped spread the verve of the great Angels event at Lawson Rock. We are returning this next March with Jack and order of Canada recip Jane Bunnett. It’s my way of helping SOL and the Clinic all from seeing all the Hondurans awaiting care , in the heat , on the front lawn at Peggy’s… is just that .”

– Guy Coolin

Canadian Address: 214 Wright Ave (Roncesvalles), Toronto, Ontario

US Address: 3731 E. Casselle Ave, Orange, California
email: [email protected] Tel: +1(657) 348-4236