Feben delivers a suitcase to Havana

A successful delivery of two suitcases by Feben to Havana, Cuba! Thank you! ^_^ [NJT Toronto]

“I delivered both suitcases at Hogar Materno Infantil Dona Leonor Perez Cabrera. It is a maternity hospital located in Old Havana (Havana Vieja). The range of services include antenatal care, sex education, family planning, breastfeeding support and newborn care. Women can stay at this facility (they have a residence program where pregnant women are well fed) from about 36 weeks gestation through delivery and in the postpartum until breastfeeding is well established.

I selected this institution since I was staying in Havana Vieja for the one night that I was in Havana. The rest of my vacation was spent in Varadero, but felt Old Havana would be in better need of donations as they were the hardest hit by the recent tornado. I was also informed by a Cuban who was assisting me with figuring out locations of health facilities in Havana that some of the hospitals in the NJT list were relatively well supported with donations more so than others. This facility happened to be close in proximity and servicing a particularly in need community.

I wanted to take the suitcases with me as I felt I was privileged to be able to vacation, and I suppose also felt responsible to support communities or individuals that don’t share the same privileges.


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