Emily G. takes a suitcase to Honduras

Thank you Emily G. for your valuable donations to the Clinica Esperanza in Honduras! We are always happy to hear such rewarding experiences when travelling with NJT suitcase donations!

“I did indeed deliver the suitcases along with other donations we had collected, over 20 bags total came from PEI to Roatan this year! I was pumped to have the opportunity to carry to NJTT suitcases! I have attached a few pics of we took with Dr Rafael and others at the Clinic. Just before I returned home from Honduras, my grandmother (who I was caring for prior to the trip and had put into respite while I was gone) had become very sick and was hospitalized. I spent the summer consumed with her care and she passed away last weekend. I finally unpacked my own suitcases and found these 2 signed letters from Peggy that says they received the suitcases.

Thanks so much for providing this opportunity for tourists to bring much needed supplies to clinics in other countries! I have been on the receiving end of many suitcases over the years at Clinica Esperanza and I know how valuable it is! And I strongly encourage all my friends who travel for pleasure to contact you guys to take a suitcase when possible because it is such a rewarding experience!! Thank you to you and your team for all the hard work you put in to make this happen! It is worth it!!””

God Bless,

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