El Progreso takes a suitcase to Guatemala

“My vacation was incredible! I had such a great time in El Progresso.

I met so many wonderful people. I went down on a missionary trip to offer dental services. My experiences were therefore mainly in the dental clinic, and i loved it.

The hospitality at the clinic was amazing. Rita Doppenberd is a wonderful lady. She was overly thrilled and said she will also continue to distribute some supplies.

I was very interested in bringing down a suitcase for various reasons. My brother went to Guatemala 2 years ago. He told me about the poverty. When i went down, i wanted to help in some way. My dad found this organisation, and I was more than happy to participate. “
– Great work, Emily Gomes-Szoke!
Spent time in El Progreso, Guatemala
Thanks Copa Airlines for allowing the baggage allowance!

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