Debbie takes a suitcase to Havana

Thank you to Debbie for taking a suitcase on her recent trip to Havana, Cuba! ^_^ [NJT Toronto]

“We enjoyed walking tours, visiting an art gallery/night club in Havana, swimming in a cave and at a waterfall, and relaxing at the resort we stayed in. It was a wonderful feeling to wake up and look out our window at the ocean.

The clinic was very busy and crowded. No one spoke English. We hired a taxi to get us to a small clinic in a town called Hershey, which became very poor when the Hershey factory closed.

The people who live here must walk far to catch a bus, which doesn’t come often. The driver was able to explain to the staff why we were there and that what we wanted to give came with no strings attached.

There were many new mothers being helped and many crying infants needing medical attention. The clinic was clean although the waiting area had peeling paint, mismatched chairs and very little space. Many people were standing. I felt very lucky to live as I do and am hoping that the supplies we brought will make a difference for this town.

When I learned that NJT existed, I didn’t hesitate to bring suitcase. I am fortunate to have been born to many different privileges, including someone gifting me a trip to Cuba (something I could not afford myself). Although I live within a small, limited income, I still have all my basic needs met and I recognize that this makes me lucky. I want to do what I can to help others.

many thanks,

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