Catherine takes a suitcase to Cuba

Thank you Catherine for taking a suitcase to Cuba, sounds like a great trip!

“We had no trouble getting the bag through customs. We didn’t use all of out luggage allowance so didn’t need to ask for extra allowance. 

I had seen a church near where we stayed which had some homeless looking men sleeping on its veranda. We went there and they couldn’t have been happier with the donation. This was the Capilla y Convento Siervas de Maria. They are a small chapel and convent who administer to the sick, mostly in their own homes but also in hospitals. The older nun that I spoke with told me that she was a nurse and she was really just unbelievably excited and grateful when she saw the donation was medical supplies.

They spoke very little English but I left them the information in Spanish and also the poster.

I took several photos on my camera which unfortunately broke during the trip so they are lost but luckily I took one on my phone just in case as a backup (phew). 

I’m certain they will put the supplies to good use.

Best wishes

Catherine McReynolds”

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