Bounmy takes a suitcase to Varadero

“Here is a photo of my parents dropping off the suitcase in Varadero 

🙂 the nurse and the doctor are also in the photo. I am not in it because there wasn’t any free hands to take the photo. Small but extremely busy hospital. Very interesting trying to find the local Cuban hospital as many wanted to direct us to the international hospital. This hospital isn’t on your list but it the one for the locals without us needing to head 30 minutes out into the main land. Thank you again for sorting this parcel for us so last minute, we appreciate it and so do the Cubans. The doctor was speechless and the nurse was ecstatic when they opened the case! The doctor explained how they use these items regularly and are excitement extremely grateful. The bus driver that took us was more then happy to get us to where we wanted to go free of charge!” – Bounmy I

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