Bobbi-Jo Haynes delivers a suitcase to Dominican Republic

Thank you Bobbi-Jo Haynes for your efforts and contributions to the Dominican Republic!!! Bobbi shared this story and photos with NJT:”

“The bag that I brought to DR went to a children’s school for the workers in the sugar cane fields. The name of the place is Freedom International Ministries. Name of the coordinator is Jason Hilgeman and he and his wife and a few other guys drove 2 hrs to pick up all the donations that our group brought with us to the DR. The group I was with donated over 44 suitcase full of supplies for this school… exciting. It was important for me to take a suitcase to be able to give back…..we are so blessed living where we do and if I’m able to take an extra suitcase and cost me a small fee then it’s worth every cent. I wish I had more hands to have taken more. The supplies were so well revived and they were so grateful. The school and location is Freedom Christian School, Calle Freedom, Jabilla Gorda, Ramon Santana, San Pedro.

Thank you for your donation and allowing me to take the suitcase. I will remember this for future trips and when I have suitcases that need a home.”

Thanks again,
Bobbi-Jo Haynes

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