Bill and Judy takes a suitcase to Cuba

“It is a no brainer.” — Bill and Judy had a wonderful time in Cuba, and made it even more special by taking a suitcase! <3

“We wish to report that we were successful in our first experience with the NJT organization. The suitcase cleared customs in Cuba easily, and was delivered by us intact on Friday March 24 to the Policlinico Canasi in Jibacoa, Matanzas, Cuba.

Thank you for the certificate but I would be remiss to say that my wife Judy did more of the work than I did. And she was completely supportive of our involvement in this regard.

Unfortunately, there was no one there that could speak any English, and we don’t speak any Spanish, so there was a language barrier which prevented a proper completion of the form. In future, we would take a translater with us.

In response to your questions:

a) Did you meet an interesting people? We met several interesting people on our first trip to Cuba. We were taken by the overwhelming friendliness of the people as a whole. We were also taken by the overall poverty in Cuba, most likely the effect of the longtime US embargo coupled with a somewhat oppressive Government. When we delivered the suitcase, the doctor seemed very surprised and appreciative. The doctor also looked tired and overworked, and we understood that it is a one-practitioner facility. There was an administrator there as well, and she looked thrilled to receive the suitcase.

b) Did you experience any adventures on your trip? It was a rather relaxing (boring) one-week vacation spent mostly on the resort. One day was spent in Havana.

c) What was the hospital/clinic like? There is a photo of the Policinico attached. It is a very tired facility, in bad need of updating, but that appeared to be the case everywhere that we visited throughout that region of Cuba. As noted, the doctor was polite and receptive, but looked tired. There were patients in the hallway (aka waiting room), and we were taking him away from his work. But he was appreciative.

d) I am most curious as to why it was important for you to take a suitcase? (I know it’s not always easy) It is a no brainer. I was a frequent flyer for business until I retired last year, so have knowledge of customs people in many locations. Our daughter Katie put us on to your organization. I took it from NJT that there was a need, and so the decision was easy. And your travel coordinator Erin Cattral made everything easy for us – she was awesome.

I am uncertain as where our travels will take us in the future, but I am certain that we will reach out to you again.”

Bill and Judy

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