Bernard takes a suitcase to Vinales

Bernard took a suitcase to Vinales, Cuba, thank you so much! [NJT Toronto]

“My trip was fantastic! It truly was an experience I’ll keep with me forever.

The reason I wanted to take a suitcase was that it seemed like a simple and easy enough task that could make a difference for people (my lack of Spanish speaking ability made it more difficult than I anticipated). After seeing footage of clinics reusing gloves and lacking medicine, I knew it would indeed be a big help.

The clinic in Vinales was visibly falling apart. My brother and I actually mistook it for an abandoned building at first; the picture I attached doesn’t accurately depict the structural conditions. The inside of the clinic seemed well maintained and organised enough.

The first few people we spoke with didn’t want to accept the suitcase, but eventually someone who spoke English came along and explained the details to the clinic better. The letter you supplied really made the difference between people accepting the supplies and not. My brother had to find a second clinic to accept his. I also had zero problems at customs, which was a bit surprising. Thank you for allowing me to help contribute to the cause. I hope people continue to have success in helping these supplies reach the people who need them.”

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