Anne Erickson and Phyllis Somers take a suitcase to Cuba

“We had a great experience with Globe Aware’s cultural experience program. I’d recommend it to someone looking for more insight into Cuban society than you can get from a beach vacation. Our casa particular host and a second guide not only took us to places tourists don’t usually see, such as a community development start-up and a seniors’ rec centre, but told us a lot about Cuban social systems.

We arrived in Cuba the same day as President Obama, so transportation was disrupted and as a result we ended up delivering the suitcases to a clinic that isn’t even on your list.

I’m really glad I was able to play a small role in delivering medical supplies as part of my trip. I love the Cuban people (this was my fifth trip to Cuba, although my first to Havana), and admire the universal social supports they have established under difficult circumstances. Challenges in importing medical equipment, supplies and drugs will continue to exist as long as the UW embargo is in place, so NJT is important.

Anne Erickson and Phyllis Somers

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