Alex and Victoria take a suitcase to Ecuador

“We wanted to let you, and the wonderful volunteers from Not Just Tourists know that your generous donations, time, and efforts will make a great difference between life and death here in Ecuador. “

“We took 2 full suitcases of medical supplies to the Municipality of Salinas, Ecuador which is about a 6-8 hour drive from the earthquake epicentre.

We met many volunteers and staff from the municipality who welcomed the supplies and were grateful and amazed to learn about Not Just Tourists and the humanitarian efforts of the organization. The town of Salinas, Ecuador sends 1-2 trucks daily filled with non perishables, and water to the epicentre. The drivers who deliver the goods showed us videos and pictures of the dangerous road conditions they face due to landslides, yet they continue to make the journey daily because of the magnitude of need.

During our visit to the municipality the Mayor of Salinas, Ecuador Daniel Cisneros met us and thanked us for the generous contributions. Daniel assured us the supplies will go directly to the people who need it the most. The entire country is banding together, and along with organizations like Not Just Tourists the affected area, and its people will rebuild and create a stronger community.

We had this vacation to Ecuador planned for weeks, and when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake happened days before our departure we worried about what we would arrive to see…. When I saw your Facebook site both Victoria, and I knew this was our way to help. We are so thankful we were able to make a contribution on behalf of your incredible organization.

Thanks Avi & Not Just Tourists”- Alex & Victoria

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