Dalia takes a suitcase to Matanzas

Thank you Dalia for taking two suitcases to Cuba! [NJT Toronto] “We dropped off two suitcases to: Polyclinico Regnoldo Garcia in Matanzas, Cuba. We tried to deliver each suitcase to a different clinic but this was the only one that was available. The staff were very grateful for the donations (and the suitcases as well!). Read more about Dalia takes a suitcase to Matanzas[…]

Kate Baron delivers a suitcase to Matanzas

“It was my great pleasure to bring a suitcase of medical supplies to the Pediatrico Hospital in Matanzas City! Dr. Ricardo Busto was overjoyed for the gift, especially the small gage needles for infants! Thank you so much for letting me be part of your organization, I will most definitely do this every chance I Read more about Kate Baron delivers a suitcase to Matanzas[…]

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