Nancy takes a suitcase to Negril

~ A Very Big THANK YOU to Nancy from NJT for taking a medical supply suitcase on your trip to Negril, Jamacia! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! ~

“We had another amazing trip! 
We always meet interesting people as we are not ones to stay on site at a resort! We love to get out and meet the locals and see their country! We had the privilege of a tour of a house of a friend we met. He is building it himself a very slow process in Jamaica but they work so hard and are so proud it’s so nice to ‎ celebrate their accomplishments with them! 
The suitcase delivered in Negril was so graciously received! Unfortunately the Doctor was out on a call when we had planned to deliver but the other staff were ‎ expecting us and were happy to be in the picture with us! : )! 
We are planning our next trip and have asked for a clinic recommendation! If we receive one we will apply for another suitcase! 
Thanks for all you do! Please know how much it is appreciated!”

–Nancy K.

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