Miriam takes a suitcase to Colombia

Miriam recently took a suitcase to Colombia, saying “I love NJTT and how easy it is for anyone to pick up and deliver a suitcase”, read the rest of her story below ^_^ Thank you Miriam! [NJT Toronto]

“We had a lovely time at our family reunion. People flew in from Sweden, Tampa, Chile and other parts of Colombia to eat and travel together. Some hadn’t seen each other in 25 years.

This is my second time taking medical supplies to Colombia. Last time I took one suitcase and this time two, for a small clinic in Zetaquira. It’s a town of about 1000 people in a neighbouring state to the capital. We dropped them off and they were ever so grateful. The ohs and ahs of the doctor and nurse are so interesting as I have no idea what most of the supplies are used for. They were especially excited about the tensor-like braces for wrists and the medical gloves. I told them we will try for three suitcases on our next trip in two years time!

I love NJTT and how easy it is for anyone to pick up and deliver a suitcase. My husband is right that I deliver suitcases to make myself feel good. But I know it is also good for those receiving and to keep these supplies out of landfill. It’s really a win for us all. Thank-you for all you do, NJTT.


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