Joo-Meng Soh takes a suitcase to Monte Plata

Thank-you so much for the medical supplies. When I found out about NJTT and looked into it more, I thought that the concept and idea behind it was just amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Monte Plata. I am a physician in Misissauga and went there with the organization Medical Ministry International Canada (MMI). 

Half the group went to the local/provincial hospital (general surgeons, OB/Gyne, anesthetists, and general helpers) to perform elective surgeries. The other half (doctors, nurses, pharmacist, general helpers) went into local villages and set up medical clinics and saw/treated patients in schools and churches (we have a mobile pharmacy with medications for patients, and a procedural box for minor procedures). The supplies from NJTT were split up between the village group and the hospital group. I met many people (local Dominicans and other people on the team) and made many new friends! I also got to see a fair number of villages and see their various living conditions.

MMI asks project participants to bring an extra suitcase of medical supplies if possible to help with the project – so instead of me trying to get supplies from my own hospital (Trillium Health Partners), which would have taken some time/effort, NJTT came in extremely handy!

I’ve attached a picture of myself with the MMI project director for
this mission trip (a General Surgeon). Thanks again for your
generosity, your help with our mission trip, and your leadership for such an incredible organization!
– Joo-Meng Soh

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