Cecilia takes a suitcase to Santiago

Thank you to repeat traveler Cecilia for taking a bag to Santiago, Chile! Sounds like a great trip!

“The trip itself was one big adventure. We had a lot of fun thanks for asking.

I just wanted to say that it was a successful drop off in Puerto Natales. It took us 4 flights and 1 bus ride to get to southern Chile! We were a little nervous because the new hospital looked very modern but after waiting to talk to the director they were very happy to take the supplies. They said that since it was so new any help was appreciated. A journalist even came to take a picture of us!

The clinic opened to the public in September 2017 and was very modern and clean. It was a fairly large hospital.

My passion is travelling and I have always been interested in humanitarian aid. I traveled to Belize when I was 19 to volunteer in the developing areas and my friend and I took a suitcase last year to Thailand. I also work as a Registered Nurse so NJT is the perfect combination for me – healthcare and travel.”

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