Bruce and Michele delivers a suitcase to South Africa

Our amazing Volunteer Coordinator Bruchele (Bruce and Michele) drop a suitcase off to South Africa!! Move over Brangalina ðŸ˜‰

“We dropped off the suitcases to a clinic in Qolora, in South Africa’s ‘Wild Coast’, quite a different South Africa than the well off cities; The schools, clinics, and pretty much all else is in need of assistance. We were staying nearby the clinic, in the home of our volunteer teaching coordinator, so decided to walk the suitcases over. This prompted a lot of attention from the locals, including an offer for a lift. The clinic was in pretty rough shape, currently undergoing renovations, and were grateful to receive the supplies. After unloading the supplies, the suitcases will be donated to two local students going on to University, most likely in Johannesburg or Cape Town.”

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