April takes a suitcase to Kenya

“Call the Midwife! The suitcase is ready for Kenya!” April is a midwife who brought a NJT suitcase of medical supplies with her to Kenya while she was volunteering there. [NJT Simcoe County] Read about her experience below:

“The staff at the hospital in Mbooni County Kenya are VERY grateful for the suitcase full of medical supplies. And I think I am more grateful. We had a baby that needed an hour long resuscitation after it was born and I knew there were laryngeal mask airways (LMAs) in the suitcase. The baby wasn’t doing well at all and once I got the LMA inserted the baby started to turn around. Your donation helped me to save that baby’s life. And now she’s doing much better. It’s tough working in a low resource setting when you’re used to so many things at your fingertips. Thank you Not Just Tourists. You really made a difference.”

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